Things to know before booking time: First things first, all musicians are different! Please note below are the best ways to get the most "bang for your buck" with your recording studio session here at Black Sparrow Recording Studio.

Some musicians can finish a song over a weekend, others can take a week. The last thing we want is for you to rush a performance to stay on track for your schedule. As the client, rushing is the key to being unhappy with the finished product. The best way for you, as the client, to keep prices down are to follow the steps below:

    • Set Realistic Goals and Expectations
    • Practice, Practice Practice beforehand.
    • Practice to a Metronome.​
    • Check all your gear beforehand. ​​
    • Make sure guitars and amps are working​.
    • Tune your drum heads.
    • Bring extra strings, picks, cables, batteries etc.
    • Trust your engineer​! If they tell you something might work better in a mix, try it out.
    • Come to the studio well rehearsed.
    • Know all the key parts to your song.​
    • Time/Tempo Changes​
    • Key Signature Change
    • Musicality Changes (Quiet or Loud)
    • Layout of Instrument Layers
    • LYRICS - Have them MEMORIZED
    • Have a good time and don't be nervous!
    How do I book a session?

    Head over to our Contact Us page. From there you can book by Phone, Email or just by filling out the Contact Form.

    Can I visit the Studio anytime?

    No, our studio is available by appointment only at this time. Please book an appointment in advance or call us if you have any questions. Once you have booked studio time, you will receive a call, email or text message the day before with the full studio address. Black Sparrow Studios is a home based studio, so we do not publicly release our address.

    What software and plug-ins do you use?

    Our sessions are completed with Pro Tools 12. We use AutoTune, Trigger2, Steven Slate Complete Set, Waves Mercury Bundle, Ozone 8.

    How many people can I bring with me?

    At this time, only musicians tracking or band members will be allowed. If you are a solo artist, you are allowed to bring one friend or family member with you.

    Are there any hidden fees for mixing?

    No! We only charge hourly for tracking and mixing. When you book a studio session, you will want to account for the time it takes to record your song plus the time needed to mix and edit the song.

    How long of a session do I need for one song?

    This entirely depends on how well rehearsed you are. For a basic acoustic single or Rap/Hip-Hop tracks, you can expect to spend 2 hours in the studio total (this includes tracking, editing and mixing). For a full band production, you would want to block out 4-6 hours per song at minimum.

    How can I save time in the studio?

    Come ready to go, warmed up and well rehearsed. Send over any tracks you need to record with the night before so the session can be setup ready to go when you arrive.

    Where can I send my backing tracks and/or beat?

    Please send any beats, tracks, metronome layouts or session data to Uploads@BlackSparrowStudios.com

    I've finished my session, now what?

    Once your session has been completed and you have paid, you will want your recordings! Make sure to bring a Flash Drive, you will receive your song formatted in MP3 and WAV. We can also offer temporary storage on Google Drive if you do not have a Flash Drive.

    I hear something weird in the mix that I didn't hear in the studio, can you help?

    Absolutely! We stand by our mixes and recordings 100%, and although we try to make sure these are all corrected in the studio, sometimes things do slip through if you are on a time crunch. If you hear anything in the mix that stands out in your car or headphones, please call us or email right away. We will offer small tweaks free of charge.

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