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Individual tracking. This includes all vocals, guitars, drums, bass and any additional instruments. We have high quality microphones and preamps to get you the best sound at the source. You must be proficient with your music and be able to play it to a metronome, know it in and out before you get to the studio.

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Full mixing and editing, this will get your music to the next level. Editing includes quantizing drums, lining up guitars, auto tuning vocals as needed and more. Mixing includes full suite of audio software and plugins from the Steven Slate Collection.

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Mastering is the glue that holds your music together, and is the final process your music will go through before a release. This step ensures your album will have a cohesive flow and gives you competitive volume levels. Mastering services are available for any recording done here or submitted music you have recorded yourself.


Acoustic Singles

One full acoustic song on guitar or keyboard, including vocals. Must be proficient with your music, know it in and out before you get to the studio. Tracking with a metronome is recommended, but not required with this selection. If tracking is pushing outside of normal time frames, the engineer reserves the right to charge hourly, with given notice.

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Studio Drummer for Hire

Our engineer, EJ, is also a professional drummer. If you are looking to elevate your music with drums, we can provide a flat rate charge per song, per EP or per album to satisfy your needs. Adding real drums can take your songs to new heights versus programmed (or midi captured) drums.


Full Band Live Session

Full band live session (all instruments perform together) with scratch vocal track. Depending on how many musicians are in the group, this may include individual recordings of all, or multiple room mics that have been setup. Vocals can be overlaid separately for higher quality takes if requested. This option is great for demos or just recording your song ideas!

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Rehearsal Time

Hourly rehearsal time to prepare for an upcoming studio session, show or even just band practice. We can setup in ear monitoring for your band to use, however you must bring your own headphones / ear buds.