Music engineer, EJ McCloud

About Black Sparrow

Black Sparrow Studios is a musician owned and operated, generously sized, home recording studio located in North Port, FL. The recording studio is run by drummer and producer, EJ McCloud, and has 3 isolated rooms; A control room, a drum tracking room and a vocal / guitar tracking booth.

Our goal is to always work hard towards creating memorable and deep connections with our clients and musicians in the North Port, Sarasota and Florida Local Music Scenes. We are proud to support local music and art here in Florida and are dedicated to giving back to our community.

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Studio Drummer for Black Sparrow Studios, EJ McCloud, sitting on his drums.
Owner/Studio Drummer

EJ McCloud

The Owner and Sound Engineer / Producer at Black Sparrow Studios is EJ McCloud. With 10+ years of recording experience, you are sure to get high quality recordings at competitive prices. He is passionate about every project he works on, and strives to give the best product possible.

EJ was also born and raised here in North Port and is a Florida Native! EJ is not just a sound engineer and producer, he is also a drummer. He offers services to Black Sparrow Studios if your band needs a drummer to fill in, or if you are a solo artist looking to get a little extra out of your studio session!

EJ has performed in many bands over the years, and most recently, setup and organized the SRQ Am Fest which brought together 10 of Southwest Florida's best upcoming local bands!

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March 1996

EJ started playing Drums

At the age of 5, EJ started playing drums and quickly progressed from there. Since starting drumming, EJ has been in several bands, including Seek The Reason, Malaya, CØASTLINE and performs on YouTube and Twitch.

July 2005

EJ started song tracking

In the summer 2005, Sound Engineer EJ started learning song tracking his band and his friends acoustic albums. This became the starting point of his music career.

August 2009

EJ started producing music

In 2009, EJ started producing music and assisting others in their own songwriting and composition.

January 2010

Laundry Room Studios Inception

Our first recording studio, Laundry Room Studios was born. This tiny home studio was a shared space with a large washer and dryer, and an iMac.

December 2018

Coastline Recording Studios Inception

Things became a bit more serious and quickly we outgrew the space. We did a full renovation in Winter of 2018 and started Coastline Recording Studio.

September 2021

Black Sparrow Recording Studios Inception

Full re-branding and studio overhaul took place. This is the current iteration of our in home recording studio and website. We have a fully custom recording PC, multi-monitor setup with all the comforts of a full studio being completely modernized, all with competitive pricing. Full Drum Tracking Room renovation was also completed.